Gokul is the place where an ordinary cowherd boy blossomed in to a divine incarnation. It is here that Krishna's magical days of childhood were spent and his powers came to be recognized.

Every child has that spark of divinity within. BalaGokulam is a forum for providing the opportunity to children to discover and manifest that divinity. The program has been designed to enable children to appreciate their cultural roots, learn our ancient values in an enjoyable manner and also develop a sense of Sewa, Service to humankind.

Children will have lots of fun while they learn. Activities are planned for their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development. Weekly activities include: Games, Yoga, Stories, Patriotic/Devotional Songs, Shlokas, Arts and Crafts. The syllabus also includes introducing children to some very fundamental pillars of Hindu Dharma including scriptures, symbolism, values & concepts; using stories and various other self-learning, experiential and exploratory methods.

All the BalaGokulam sessions are conducted absolutely free by team of dedicated & passionate volunteers.

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