As did the whole world, Balagokulams in Hyderabad celebrated International Yoga Day in their respective communities in a grand way. More than 3000 children and adults participated in these events.

Apart from Yoga and pranayam demonstrations, various communities celebrated in their customized way including the following -

  • Sports events
  • Group Games
  • Talk on Significance of Yoga
  • Yoga competitions and so on.

In many communities, children and parents has practiced daily for 2-3 weeks towards the preparation of their respective events.

Also, for the first time, we had Balagokulam T-shirts released. The amazing design with Balagokulam text & Om in the front and "My Nation My Pride" theme at the back were worn with pride by almost 300 children across communities. 

The collage of various events across Balagokulams is as below.

Collage 1


Collage 2