Shobha Yatras & Dahi handi with Radhas & Krishnas


Janmastami was celebrated with Radhas and Krishnas of Balagokulams across the twin cities in grand way. Check this out for little more details.

Communities planned one of more of the following to mark the celebrations – children dressing up as Radhas and Krishnas, Shobha Yatras, Krishna Bhajans, Skit/Dance performances and so on. But by far the most popular activity among the all was Dahi Handi. At most places self decorated/painted matkis filled with variety of goodies including chocolates, fruits, toffees and so on were tied using a rope & pulley mechanism. Adults too were seen to be having lots of fun and were excitedly waiting for their turns once the children were done to take their shots for breaking the dahi handis. 🙂

Hathi Ghoda Pal Ki – Jai Kanhaiyya Lal Ki

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