Rakhi for Cyberabad Police Commissioner & his officers


“You protect us, we respect you and together let us protect and respect our nation!”. This was the essence of Raksha Bandhan message with which the Balagokulam children met with the Commisioner of Police-Cyberabad, Sandeep Shandilyaji & his officers.

The children, parents and shikshaks from four Balagokulams (SMR Symphony, Green Grace, 7 Hills & Journalist Colony) visited Cyberabad Police Commisionerate and tied Rakhis to the Commissioner and other officers and also shared home made sweets.

The Commisioner with his team listened with rapt attention to the children singing ‘Bhavatu Bharatam’ song. He evinced keen interest in knowing more about Balagokulam and even offered to be a part of a Balagokulam class to experience how a class is conducted. The Balagokulam team welcomed him. The Commissioner was asked interesting questions by the children from “what does one study to become police officer” to which the Commissioner gave a valuable reply “you do not need to study much. But you need to be a good person, have good values & care about the less previleged. Another question asked was “how do you handle criminals” to which he responded “they and all bad people go to jail”. Listening to such value based messages from an officer of such seniority is an invaluable lesson for the Balagokulam children.

The IG-Telangana Abhilasha Bisht was also present on the occasion. She interacted with the children extensively in a focussed discussion on personal security giving them valuable counsel on safety tips ranging from ‘stranger- danger’ to encouraging them to play more outdoor games and spend less time on gadgets/TV. This conversation in an informal environment had the children open up and share thoughts freely with the IG. Few children acknowledged later that earlier they were afraid of the police but now after meeting the ‘Police uncle’ and ‘Police aunty’, their fear is gone.

Yesterday, children from Western Plaza Balagokulam had visited Rai Durgam Police station on the eve of Raksha Bandhan. Rakhis were tied to police personnel with the pledge “I protect you, you protect me and we both protect our Nation”. After tying the rakhis, Children had sung “hum kare rashtra aaradhan” song. Accompanied by parents, children freely interacted with Police.

Apart from these, more than thousand BG children across another 40+ communities celebrated the festival tying rakhis to Security Guards, Watchmen, Maids, Community Helpers and Auto-Rickshawwalas apart from door to door sampark in the community.

It were truly an amazing and memorable Raksha Bandhan celebrations for Balagokulam children this year.

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