International Yoga Day 2018

Yoga is well accepted to be the best fitness regime to the mind, body and soul. It is an holistic approach to health and well being. 

And yeah, it is of course, one of the most invaluable gifts from Ancient India to the world.

Yoga is very much an integral part of Balagokulam weekly activities. So continuing the tradition from very 1st International Yoga Day in 2015, Balagokulam children and shishaks celebrated the same this year as well with great enthusiasm. It was not just confined to children but instead it brought even adult and senior citizen yoga enthusiasts together at the Balagokulam hosted Yoga day events.

Balagokulams celebrated by performing various yoga postures, inviting yoga experts, holding talks/discussions on the value of yoga and the importance of inculcating the same in the daily life. Children were the main demonstrators across all events for the yoga celebrations. In some of the Balagokulams yogasana competitions were also held.

Some communities even planned for family games while few others added potluck breakfast to add to the fun factor to this very interesting and health awareness day.










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