Felicitation ceremory of Hari Charan Rao (26 Jan 2014)

On 26th Jan 2014, 65th Republic Day of India, Balagokulam Bharat (Hyderabad Chapter) convened a Samman Samaroh (Felicitation Ceremony) of the Youngest Blade Runner, from our own city Master Hari Charan Rao (5 years old). Hari Charan Rao participated for the dream run in the Mumbai Marathon on Jan 19th earlier this month completing 6+ kms. The felicitation event was attended by more than 120 people, including about 60 children.


Everyone present at the event took lots of inspiration from the very heart touching & motivational account of Hari Charan & his family, who have taken up on themselves to set an example for everyone to achieve great things in life in spite of all odds one may come across.

 Brief background on Hari Charan Rao

Hari Charan Rao hails from Nizamabad district and currently lives in Hyderabad with his father T Raghavendra Rao, mother Prasanna and elder sister Hamsa Gayatri. In a tragic accident about 1.5 years back (on 10th August 2012) young Hari was playing on the terrace of his home in Hyderabad. While playing the iron rod with which he was playing came in contact with high tension wires running close by. He suffered a severe nerve damage and because of which his right arm and left leg had to be amputated. Just four months ago his parents got him prosthetic leg. This ever smiling young hero became the youngest to take part in the Mumbai Dream Run earlier this year.

Brief Intro of Balagokulam!  

Balagokulam is a voluntary organization which is striving to instill pride for our culture and nation in young minds. The forum imparts values and helps in building a dynamic personality and character out of children that will enable our nation to retain some great ideals which we have always believed. There are 28 Balagokulam centers throughout Hyderabad where more than 600 children participate on weekly basis. To know more about this children’s movement, please write to balagokulambharat@gmail.com


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