Balagokulam Varshikotsav (Annual Event) 2017

Announcing Balagokulam Varshikotsav 2017. Continuing with our tradition since past 4 years, this year as well we are planning to conduct our Varshikotsav around Gita Jayanthi. 

This year Gita Jayanti falls on 30th November, so we have decided to conduct it across 3 different locations from 3rd Dec 2017 to 17th Dec 2017.

 Event  Date Venue
 Gachibowli  3-Dec-2017  GNITS, Shaikpet
 Miyapur  10-Dec-2017  Vikas, The Concept School
 Suchitra  17-Dec-2017  St Alphonso School Alwal


 Time  Activity
 4:00 pm  Registration
 4:30 – 5:15 pm  Stage Events 1
 5:15 – 5:45 pm  Gita Chanting
 5:45 – 6:15 pm  Aarshivachans
 6:15 – 7:45 pm  Stage Events 2
 7:45 – 8:30 pm  Potluck Dinner

(Suchitra event will not have Potluck Dinner) 

Registration (free)

 To register for the Varshikotsav 2017, please follow the below steps – 

1) Install Balagokulam – Seekho Sikhao App on your Smartphone. 

You can either search for Balagokulam Seekho Sikhao in Play Store / App Store and install from the same. Or you may also you one of the below links –

Android –
iPhone –

2) Open the App after installation is complete.

3) On the calendar, navigate to 3rd Dec or 10th Dec or 17th Dec 2017. 

4) Fill the Registration Form (one per child). It shouldn’t take more than 2-3 mins per child. 


Resources / Audio Files

All resources related to Varshikotsav 2017 are available at – under Varshikotsav 2017 folder. It includes Gita Audio, Vande Mataram Audio etc. 

Bhagavad Gita Chanting 

This year our focus is Gita Chapter 6 (1 to 20 shlokas). 
However, we are encouraging children to learn more by distributing level wise certificates this year.

Certificates will be issued to all children as below –
Level 1 – 20 Shlokas – Chapter 6 (1-20)
Level 2 – 21-40 Shlokas
Level 3 – 41-60 Shlokas
Level 4 – 61-80 Shlokas
Level 5 – 81-100 Shlokas
Level 6 – 101-120 Shlokas
Level 7 – 121-140 Shlokas
Level 8 – 141-160 Shlokas
Level 9 – 161-180 Shlokas
Level 10 – 181-200 Shlokas

Bhagavad Gita Sanity Check

  • Concept:
    • Please note that Bhagavad Gita Chanting is not a competition.
    • We just want all children to get exposure to Gita and learn it well at this early age.
    • To motivate children we are distributing level wise certificates to all children who are preparing for the same.
    • And since we are giving certificates to ensure value and sanctity of certificates, we need to do basic sanity check to ensure that children have prepared & deserve the level they are going for.
  • Sanity Level Check Process:
    • Within last 2 weeks of respective Varshikotsav events, some shikshak from other Balagokulam (likely nearby one) will visit your Balagokulam.
    • They will bring chits with Verse number and first line of the verse written for all levels.
    • Chits will be packaged into categories per the level.
    • Each child will be asked to pick 3 chits each per stage based on the level they are going for. 
           Eg 1 : Child going for Level 1 will first pick 1 chit from level 1 box. He or she will read out first line of the verse written and then complete the verse. This will be repeated for 2 more times. If the child says all 3 verses correctly, the child will be marked qualified for Level 1 certificate.
           Eg 2: Child going for Level 3 certificate. The child will pick 3 chits sequentially from Level 1 box, then 3 from Level 2 box and then 3 from Level 3 box. If child says all 9 verses correctly, child will qualify for Level 3 certificate.
    • All in all each child will be pick up 3 chits per level. So Level 10 child will be picking up in all 20-30 chits during the sanity check across all chapters prepared.
    • The shikshak doing the sanity check will not be super strict but will balance between ensuring that the child is provided enough opportunity and at the same time filter out in case children are not really ready for it. Generally we can let children pick up 1 extra chit in case they make mistake or are not able to recollect for those going for Level 1. For those going with higher levels, we can let them pick max 2 extra chits in case of mistakes.
    • If any children are not found to be ready, we will encourage them to cover up well before the varshikotsav for certificate eligibility and retest will be conducted some time later by Shikshak of local balagokulam itself.
    • For children below 1st grade, if they know first 10 shlokas, we should qualify them for Level 1 certificate.

BG Parivaar Challenge

Challenge is that each and every person in a family should do one activity together at least for 7 days till BG Varshikotsav events begin on 3rd Dec.

The activity can be any of –
* Chanting Hanuman Chalisa, Gita or any other Stotra/Shlokas together
* At least 10 mins of meditation together
* At least 10 mins of Yogasans together
* Morning or Evening Prayer / Puja / Aarti or Bhajan together
* Reading some cultural, religious, philosophical book together
* All members participate in cooking together
* Visit temple together
or any other positive thing of your choice


* These needs to be done for at least 7 days (preferably consecutive) from now till Dec 3rd.
* Every single member of the family needs to be together (if you have grand parents or others as well, pick your activity accordingly).
* Take family photo everyday for those 7 days while doing that activity.
* Send your submission (with 7 photos) to with the BG name, activity performed and name/age of all participants.

Contributions / Donations

Contributions for Balagokulam Varshikotsav can be done anytime from now on either by Cash, Cheque or Online Transfer.

Respective Balagokulam shikshak can collect the contributions and pass on the receipts. We will be able to provide 80G receipts for all contributions over Rs 1000.

Cheques are to be issued in the name of “Dr.Hedgewar SataJayanthi Seva Samithi”.

Online transfer can be done to the below account –

Dr.Hedgewar SataJayanthi Seva Samithi

A/C no.30142010012931

Syndicate Bank

Branch – Lingampally Hyd

IFSC Code – SYNB0003014 

Please ensure that you send an email with Online Transfer Transaction Id to once done.

Things to Note 

  • Please come with very positive attitude to enjoy the evening.
  • First Aid box will be available near the stage in case of any such requirements
  • Children are suggested to carry water bottle and little dry snacks with them.
  • Keep the premises neat and clean. There will be ample dust bins available every few meters. So please use the same for any trash.
  • Avoid too much talking and movement when the events are in progress.
  • Let us show utmost respect to all children, parents, volunteers, guests, dignitaries & everyone else at the location.
  • Each Balagokulam should identify a representative to collect Gita chanting participation certificate before leaving
  • Please communicate to children to avoid any kind of panic in case of Power Cut, Rain or any other unexpected situation.
  • Please communicate to children to stay with their parents throughout the event.
  • Since it may get little cool in evening, please have children carry some woollen clothing as required.
  • Event is happening in open air auditorium. We are planning to have mosquito repellent sprayed in couple of rounds. However, may be good if parents carry some mosquito repellents themselves as well to be on safer side.
  • Finally, Please create positivity around and avoid any negative vibrations (complaints, conflicts etc) on minor issues. Everyone involved in organizing the event are volunteers and are trying their best make the event run as smooth as possible. For any short comings, please feel free to take up leadership to cover the gap or informing required personnel around.

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