Balagokulam Mango Festival 2015 Celebrations

Namaste. Continuing with the innovative trend started 3 years back, hundreds of Balagokulam children as well celebrated Mango Festival in their respective Balagokulams in June 2015.

It was a great way to get back to weekly Balagokulam sessions after the break for those who went out of town during the summer vacation. The idea was very simple – each child was supposed to get the best possible mango from their respective homes. All the mangoes were put in one common pool, washed, then cut into pieces and then redistributed  among all the children present for the event. While shikshaks talked about the importance of Mango trees from traditional, religious and health perspective, children shared their view about why they love mangoes and any art work they prepared around the same. Below are some images from Mango festival celebrated across various BGs.

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