Balagokulam Eco-Friendly Clay Ganesha Initiative


Balagokulams are driving yet another change in their respective communities this year. This time it is with double benefit – ‘Ganesha ki bhakti, Pradushan se chutti’ (Devotion to Lord Ganesha coupled with saving environment to move to Clay rather than PoP Ganeshas).

The plan was simple. About 3500 kgs of Clay was arranged & passed on to more than 30 gated communities, schools & localities. Workshop was conducted for Volunteers across Balagokulams where they were thought how to make Clay Ganesha Idols by Rekha Kondaji (an expert on clay moulding, who is running such workshops for many years now). Subsequently the volunteers conductions such Clay Ganesha making sessions in their respective communities touching upon various important topics like symbolism of Ganesha, how to do Ganesha pooja & environment benefits of using clay instead of PoP. About 2000+ children have participated in these sessions with full enthusiasm having lots of learning & fun.


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