Balagokulam children drive the message of Social equanimity this Raksha Bandhan

Hundreds of children celebrated Rakshabandan in very interesting ways across various gated communities where Balagokulam centers are running. Balagokulam has always strongly believed in and has been maintaining positive bonding with every part of the society. This continued in the same spirit at this Raksha Bandan too.

Children and Shikshaks celebrated by tying Rakhis to each other and visiting various flats/houses in the community taking the message of “I protect you, you protect me, together we protect our Nation and our Dharma”. This big message from young children was received very positively by one and all. Residents blessed the children and also wished the volunteers.

But the biggest highlight of the events were the outreach and tying of rakshas to Security Guards, Watchmen, Maids and Association Staff by Balagokulam children and Shikshaks. Children across Balagokulams reached out to community helpers and thanked them for the services. The symbolic gesture of social equanimity worked wonders both sides. At almost all places the community helpers including guards, watchmen, maids and workers were overwhelmed and showered their blessings on our young Balagokulam children.

About Balagokulam:
Balagokulam is a voluntary organization which is striving to instil pride and confidence in children about our culture and nation. Through a wide variety of interesting and fun activities like Games, Stories, Bhajans, Shlokas, Arts and Crafts, the forum imparts time-tested values such as patriotism, service, discipline, courage, for building a dynamic personality out of children. There are 55 Balagokulam centers throughout Hyderabad where more than 2000 children participate on a weekly basis. All the BalaGokulam sessions are conducted absolutely free by team of dedicated & passionate volunteers.





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