3000+ children participate in Balagokulam’s Clay Ganesha workshops



Balagokulams in Hyderabad conducted Clay Ganesha Workshops in 50+ Gated communities this year. More than 3000 children participated in these workshops.

Balagokulam has been carrying the message of eco-friendly clay Ganesha for more than 4 years now. First step was to procure the clay – we ordered about 1800 kgs of Clay this time. Second step was to train the trainers. So we conducted training sessions for Balagokulam Shikshaks at 8 different locations in the city. About 120 Shikshaks attended these training session. Subsequently these shikshaks conducted the workshops in their respective communities.

Apart from clay modelling, children were also explained the symbolism around Ganesha, the different types of patris offered and significance of Ganesha Chaturthi. Children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and made amazingly beautiful idols that were just so pleasing to watch. At most of the places, even parents participated very actively and tried their hands at clay modeling as well. Most of the families will be doing the sthapana and puja of the very same idols made by children during this week.

Below are few snaps from the events across various communities.




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